Our services

We are an audio, media and game production company based in Rauma, Finland.

Music and sfx production

We offer music production services for game developers and any content creators in need of unique music or sound effects for their project.

Audio engineering

Do you need help mixing a track, or even an entire album? We are happy to help! We ask for payment only after you have approved the final result. It´s hugely important to us that you´ll feel like you got your moneys worth!

Game development

Our aim is to fight the anti-consumer trends that are way too common in the business. The game experience will never be hindered so we could squeeze an extra buck or two from you. Only thing that should matter is that the games are fun to play, everything else comes after.


Jarkko Rantajoki
Phone: +358 44 9751055
Email: jarkko@chainsawmedia.com
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